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Bellingham Pet Care

Pet Care service in Bellingham, WA

Recommended Pet Care Products

Bellingham Pet Care recommends these products that promote your pet’s health, happiness, and well being.

The only vet grade smart collar

We recommend the most advanced, Vet approved, AI smart collar for continuously monitoring your pet’s health and GPS location.

Don’t risk your dog’s health with a cheap alternative. PetPace 2.0 is the only collar that measures all standard vitals used in vet examinations at a high frequency rate to run the most advanced analytics that exist for identifying health issues.

Unlike other health collars, PetPace’s AI machine learning technology has been validated by numerous institutes as an accurate tool for health monitoring.

“It is a dog’s natural instinct to mask their pain and discomfort until the disease has progressed. PetPace’s continuous monitoring of biometrics enables the early detection of health problems. Other smart collars measure only a few vital signs, which are insufficient to accurately determine a dog’s overall wellness
Dr. Asaf Dagan, Chief Veterinarian, PetPace

$50 discount applied to all orders when using our PetPace links.

Recommended PetCare Products